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Saturday, March 24th 2018


Welcome to Xcel Taekwondo Center
South Shore's Choice for Martial Arts Training!

December Graduation 2017

Congratulations to Joao Victor Costa, 3rd Dan

Congratulations to our newest Black Belts!
Amelia Daniel
Cassandra Lopes
Shiv Kelly
Nathaniel Nixon
Erica Salvucci
Joao Victor Costa, 3rd Dan

While Taekwondo is known for its high impact kicking, being an Olympic sport, and Martial Arts for self-defense, we also dedicate ourselves to making well rounded individuals. We believe our programs will have a positive impact on your life regardless of age! Taekwondo is the way!

At Xcel TKD Center, you will:
  • Improve your strength, flexibility and balance
  • Achieve inner peace and improve your mind-body connection
  • Feel alive and aligned
  • Reduce your stress
  • Be a healthier you!
Click here to learn more about our Adult Martial Arts Programs

At Xcel TKD Center, your children will:
  • Have their unique strengths emphasized
  • Achieve healthy mind-body awareness
  • Be part of a team and have the support of new friends
  • Be more confident
  • Have increased attention span and discipline
  • Have a great time!
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Xcel is now a FitLight Sports Center

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What is FitLight?

The FitLight Trainer™ is a flexible wireless training system that can be adapted and configured for all sports, with the goal of improving hand/eye coordination, agility, strength and conditioning, and controlled rehabilitation from injuries.

With the FitLight Trainer™ you can design any speed and agility training profile/routine you require, regardless if the focus is on speed, agility, strength, the ability to concentrate and react, or vision training. Optimize your fitness training, strength and conditioning, and speed/agility drills with real time data captured by the FitLight Trainer™.


The FitLight Trainer™can be used to increase performance in all sports including:

 Football, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball, Martial Arts, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Track and Field, and Dance
Contact us at 781-659-2552 or at xceltkd1@yahoo.com for more information

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