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Our teaching philosophy:

At Xcel Taekwondo we use the lessons of Taekwondo to help teach your child to set goals, work in a disciplined manner, and strive for success in their endeavors. A hearty Taekwondo education instills equal doses of confidence and humility. It teaches children to treat others with respect, but also to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. At Xcel  Taekwondo, by teaching your child to succeed in Taekwondo, we better prepare them for all the challenges they will face in life.

Our Staff:

The instructors at Xcel Taekwondo are not only fully qualified black belt instructors, they are also successful, active professionals in health, education, and many other local industries. At Xcel Taekwondo, we understand how a proper Taekwondo education compliments a successful life, and strive to instill the same attitude and values in our students.

Curriculum Content:

  • Physical conditioning and fitness
  • Agility and coordination drills
  • Taekwondo techniques and self-defense
  • Taekwondo Olympic sport rules and play
  • Proper sport attitude and discipline

Benefits for your child:

  • Greater Confidence
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Physical fitness and coordination
  • Goal setting and Achievement
  • Self-defense 

Martial Arts for Adults

Learn Valuable Self-Defense Skills While You Get into Shape-Mentally and Physically

Xcel TKD Center's Adult Martial Arts Program is the perfect activity for adults who would like to learn self-defense and get into great shape at the same time!

In our Adult beginner's only class (no experience necessary), our professional instructors will work with you to ensure that you have a positive and safe experience in our Martial Arts program.

Our Adult Martial Arts program will help you:

  • Learn valuable self defense techniques
  • Get into great physical shape
  • Improve your focus and concentration skills
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Meet new friends

You'll punch, kick, block, and defend yourself right into a great state of mind!

Classes meet twice a week. Click here to see our schedule and to schedule your first class!

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Children's Martial Arts Programs Ages 7-11

Many experts recommend martial arts for children because a good program will teach both physical and mental skills.

Our goal at Xcel TKD Center is to teach your child how to appropriately defend themselves, get them into great physical shape, and teach them special life lessons. In addition to the physical kicking and punching skills required to learn self-defense, your child will learn how to use discipline, respect, self-control, teamwork, and more to excel in academic school as well as at home with you. They can take these lessons with them and use them for a lifetime!

Our Children's Martial Arts Program:

  • Will get your child in great shape and improve his/her coordination
  • Teaches how to resolve conflict peacefully
  • Provides an outlet for extra energy
  • Reinforces ideals of courtesy and respect
  • Teaches a "yes I can" attitude
  • Uses positive reinforcement to make classes fun!

Find out why parents and teachers love our program, by scheduling a visit today!

Click here to see our schedule and request an appointment

Personal Training

 At Xcel TKD Center, we take pride in helping all of our members achieve their fitness and wellness goals in our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility.

We offer each member a complimentary fitness evaluation with one of our friendly trainers to customize a program that's right for you... to help you get the results you're looking for.

Our members enjoy our:

  • group fitness classes
  • large selection of cardio equipment
  • strength training machines and free weights
  • private and group personal training
  • and more!

If you'd like to lose a few pounds, gain strength, meet a few new friends, and get into the best shape of your life, what are you waiting for?

Click here for a no-obligation complimentary guest pass! 

Summer Camp

When's school's out, have your child drop in for a fun-filled summer of friendship and festivities. We'll not only keep you child away from the television, Internet and video games, but we'll also ensure that he or she is fully prepared to begin the new school year with confidence and focus! With expert Martial Arts training from our dedicated staff to "out of the box" events that will keep him or her looking forward to each exciting day, our Summer Camp program can't be beat!

Click here to find out more about our Summer Camp

Teens Martial Arts

Our Teens Martial Arts program will help your son or daughter develop a confident, positive outlook on life while getting into great shape and learning valuable self-defense lessons.

As a parent of a teenager, you're surely hopeful that your son or daughter develops into a happy, healthy, responsible adult who is capable of taking care of him or herself. Today's teens face a wide variety of obstacles to overcome that include not getting enough exercise, facing negative peer pressure, bullying, and sometimes a lack of self-discipline. Even the best kids can find it challenging to cope with just one of these obstacles, let alone several of them.

That's exactly why we offer a specialized Teens Martial Arts class that is designed to:

  • Get your teen into great physical shape
  • Strengthen your child's sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Give your teen a positive, enjoyable social activity, a way to meet friends with common goals
  • Improve current agility and sportsmanship to help the participant excel at other sports
  • Teach your teen how to defend himself or herself, and when to walk away to stay safe
  • Our instructors "lead by example" and are positive role models for our students as they reinforce the principles of courtesy and respect - both of oneself and to others.

There is no prior experience necessary to become a member of our Teens Martial Arts Program. Your teen will enjoy our exciting Martial Arts curriculum and will appreciate becoming physically fit and self-assured!

Why wait?

For a limited-time, we are offering you a FREE 2-Week VIP pass for your teen!

Click here to get the pass and to schedule your teen's first class! 

Xcel Competition Team

The Xcel Sport Taekwondo youth development Program is a goal-oriented not-for-profit 501C-3 that provides unique opportunities to a select group of young Olympic hopefuls in the sport of Taekwondo. The organization is dedicated to giving these students athletes, regardless of their financial background, equal opportunities to access  high level training and to compete in events all over the world.

There are several great reasons to support young Taekwondo athletes, including:

*Taekwondo is one of two martial arts that are core sports for the olympics

*Taekwondo is one of the fastest growing martial art throughout the world, which means that exposure and opportunities for sponsors and successful athletes are goring as well

*Taekwondo athletes compete in venues around the globe, giving them invaluable exposure to the customs and cultures throughout the world preparing them for the global workforce

*Taekwondo training emphasizes life skills like hard work, self discipline, respect and integrity

These life skills optimize the core value of business like yours and prepare these young students for leadership roles in the career path of their choice. 

Our results reflect the dedication of these students for over ten years we have been competing and winning at the State, National and International at level such prestigious tournaments like the U.S. Open, Canadian Open, U.S. Nationals and World Championships

With your help, the Xcel Sport Taekwondo Youth Development Program will be able to provide these opportunities to a vast array of young students with one vision in common: An Olympic Medal!

You can assured that 100% of your tax deduction donation will go directly to offsetting the ever increasing cost of training, competing and traveling.

For more information regarding our project and ways you can help please  contact us. We look forward to speaking with you in more detail and to working with you in any capacity to support the long-term growth and achievement of our young Taekwondo athletes

For all the information regarding news updates, schedule and team Bios also visit our team website at www.xcelteam.org

Xcel Sport Taekwondo Youth Development Program

Hanover Mall, 1775 Washington Street
Hanover MA, 02339


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