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 About Us

About Our School

Why Martial Arts?

Simply put, Martial Arts training builds physical strength and strength of character. Martial Arts is for everyone, regardless of age or body type. And since it encourages a lifestyle of total well-being, Martial Arts training is a lifelong journey rather than a destination.

Why Our School?

We could say we're the best in the area because we offer so much more than other schools. But we'll let you make that decision! We are one of the best Taekwondo in the South Shore for the past 12 years!!  Our friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained staff to our clean, safe and well-equipped facility, we have the perfect program for YOU. We're kid-focused and adult-savvy. We'll not only teach you all the techniques and moves, but we'll also educate you in the Martial Arts way: Respect, Self-Confidence and Discipline. And parents: We guarantee to transform your child into a motivated, self-starter who will clean his/her room without being asked! So come grow with us... and bring the entire family!


About Our Instructor and Staff

Master Fabio Takahashi

Currently a 4th Degree Black Belt, Fabio has been practicing Taekwondo for over 27 years and teaching for the past 18. He has had the opportunity to train in different Taekwondo institutions all over the world, as well compete in some of the top tournaments representing different countries as Brazil, Japan and U.S.A. Fabio also is a certified health and fitness professional trough ACSM (American College of sports medicine). 

 2016 USA National Coach 
 2015 Pam Am Games,Toronto CAN- Jamaican Head Coach
 2015 Pam Am Games qualifier, Aguascalientes MEX- Jamaican Head Coach
 2014 Pam American Championship, Aguascalientes MEX -Jamaican Head Coach
 2014 Central American & Caribbean Games, Veracruz MEX- Jamaican Head Coach 
 2014 Olympic Festival, Puebla MEX- Jamaican Head Coach
 2013 World Championship, Puebla, MEX- Jamaican Head Coach
  2012 Pam American Championship, Bolivia- Jamaican National Coach
 2011 World Championship, Korea- Jamaican National Coach
 2009 USA World Championship Trials- Coach
 2008 USA Olympic Trials- Coach
 2007 Pam Am Games Trials- Coach
 2005 AAU National team Member
 2004 US Cup Champion/ Team Member
 1996 Junior Pam American- Silver Medalist
  2 Times Brazil Junior Team member
  8 Times Minas Gerais state Champion

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